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Orca is an open-source community platform build with Typescript, Node, React, and MongoDB. It's great whether you're building a social or private network, customer engagement, or another type of community app.


You'll need to have Node >=12.20.0, Yarn, and MongoDB installed and running on your machine.

Creating an App#

npx create-orca-app my-app

This command will create a directory my-app inside a current folder. In that directory, it will generate an initial project and install dependencies.

Once the installation is done, you can run the app locally.

cd my-appyarn dev

Then open http://localhost:3000 to see your app.

Next steps#

Although these steps are enough to create an Orca app and run it locally, you'll need to create an admin user, configure CDN, and an Email service to use all the Orca's features. The next Configuration section will walk you through all of it.